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How much is my car worth?

Your profressional certified car valuer

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Why Do You Need A Professional Valuer?



We take a personal approach and keep you informed throughout the valuation process. We can visit the location of your asset for inspection.


Our valuers are experts in their respective fields and valuations are compiled by members of the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia under their strict guidelines.


Family Law Proceedings, Applications for finance, Liquidation, Agreed Value Insurance, Pre-purchase, Impending sale, Imports or any other reason.

Welcome to The Valuers Group.

The most common type of valuation required in arbitration or determination of the value of an asset is Market Valuation. Other types are required for specialist issues, you must determine the type of valuation you require, we have listed a comprehensive valuation guide below.

We are ready to advise you on the type of valuation you need and help you decide if you need our services. Market Value is defined by the International Valuation Standards Committee (referred to as “IVS”) as the estimated amount for which an asset or liability should exchange on the date of valuation between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm’s length transaction after proper marketing wherein the parties had each acted knowledgeably, prudently, and without compulsion.

Assets we value:

Valuation can be done for the purpose of:

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Valuation reports are prepared using the guidelines suggested by the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia (AVAA) Valuation Report Criteria and AVAA Codes of Conduct and Code of Ethics.

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Why we stand out

Experience and Accreditation counts
Our valuers are experts in their fields and an outline of their credentials and experience is included with each report. We are active members of the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia who govern valuation guidelines.
Personal Approach
We take a personal approach and thoroughly consult all parties nominated in relation to the valuation to ensure that we receive a comprehensive background regarding assets and our customers are provided with a thorough understanding of information supporting valuations.
We come to you
We will visit the location of your asset for inspection.
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  • Principal The Valuers Group Incorporating Car Valuers Melbourne, Melbourne Marketing Enterprises and The Taxi Man
  • Auctioneer and Valuers Association of Australia Valuer Certificate No. 513
  • Auctioneer and Valuers Association of Australia Corporate Member No. 213
  • Licenced Motor Car Trader 9286
  • Certificate of Accreditation as a Taxi Cab Licence Holder (owner) No. LHA-A0079392 Monitor and Manage Small Business Operations Certificate No. 120731


Why You Need A Certified Professional Valuer

At The Valuers Group we use industry experts in consultation with me, Gary Ryan, certified asset valuer to produce the best accurate valuations on many different assets. Our company is certified as a valuation production company and our employees and contractors are covered by public indemnity insurance. If a person produces a valuation report and is not a certified valuer affiliated with a certified valuation company he cannot get indemnity insurance. Any person without accreditation can only produce

We can help you with:

Family Law Matters.
When getting assets valued for family law matters, the documents produced by the valuer must
be in the format required by the Federal Circuit and Family Law Court of Australia. The
inspection must be conducted by a person who can demonstrate that he/she is qualified to act as
an expert witness in court. There are many experts in various fields, most aren’t certified valuers.
Because a valuer cannot be an expert in every case he may contract the services of an expert/s in
various fields and work in collaboration with them. The valuer would then compile, edit and
produce the finished report. In this way a valuation report can include all the assets in one document
saving time and money.
Probate matters are invariably sad times for estate beneficiaries. Many times, a valuation will be
required to ascertain the worth of the deceased’s assets. He may have died intestate, there may be
a dispute on the value of an asset, or a value may need to be placed on an asset offered for sale
by the estate. These valuations must be in the correct format and be admissible as evidence in
court if needed.
Recommendation as to an Agreed Valuation For Insurance Purposes
Agreed valuations are generally performed when an insurer or insured requires an independent valuation
of an asset where a client has specified that such asset has more value than ascertained by reference to a
price guide for whatever reason, modification, rarity, added equipment or modification for a specific
purpose etc.
Agreed value
Agreed value is insuring your asset/s for the value you want to be paid in the case it is written off or stolen
and unrecovered. This is a reasonable, fixed sum that you have agreed with your insurance provider.
When a company or individual decides to liquidate assets differing types of valuations can be applied, the
type of valuation needed can be determined by a certificated valuer.
Many assets have to be valued when finance is being negotiated. Ther asset must be deemed to be what it
is, positively identified, and a market valuation is the one generally applied here.
Asset transfers between companies and employees
When a company agrees to sell an asset to an employee or an employee agrees to sell an asset to his
employer, an independent valuation conducted by a certified valuer should be sought. For example, trucks
quite often change hands in this way.
Pre-Incident Valuation
Sometimes an offer for compensation for damage to an asset by an insurance company may seem
insufficient. A pre incident valuation is the determination of the value of an asset before an incident has
taken place. The incident may be by way of an accident, tempest, flood, theft, or any other cause of loss
of market value. Where an assessor has performed a valuation unless he is a certified valuer his evidence
can only be an appraisal and would not hold water if in conflict with a certified valuer. You don’t have to
agree with your insurance company, and you have every right to put forward evidence that disputes their
assessment. Most times the insurance companies get it right, we would have a look at their offer and then
advise if we think we can help.
Determination of Duty on Imported vehicles, Boats, and Equipment
The importation of used vehicles, boats and equipment will generally incur a government stamp duty
charge. The parameters for this type of valuation are specialised and so with imported assets already in
the country. Imported vehicles must comply with Australian standards but will probably not have a
market value as great as Australian standard complied vehicles imported new.
Customs valuations for determination of duty on imported cars, trucks, boats and equipment.
Generally, an appraisal of the realisable value at landed cost on the wharf needs to be obtained by the
importer provided by an expert valuer who will not take into account any modification charges, fee, taxes
or duty on the vehicle. Various other factors are taken into account as where a vehicle is imported at a
fraction of the cost of available vehicles in Australia or conversely where there may be a ‘grey import
stigma’ on the vehicle. The importation of used vehicles, boats and equipment will generally incur a
government stamp duty charge the amount of this charge will be determined by the valuer’s report. The
parameters for this type of valuation are specialised and so with imported assets already in the country
(imported cars nearly always carry an import stigma and are known as grey imports, these will generally
have a lesser market value than cars that have been manufactured to comply when manufactured).